jana grover   /  artist

My art communicates thoughts, experiences and

feelings that are close to my heart.


I stumbled into art late in life. It was a fortuitous accident and I realize that it is where I have always belonged. I like the life; I like hanging with other artists, and mostly, I love having found a venue where I can convey feelings that have been inside me since childhood.

I make art about our emotional lives—feelings that cross demographic borders and touch experiences that we all share. I am naturally inclined to communicate about burdens, disappointments, and heartaches. At other times I like to take jabs at social injustices and worldwide political delusions. Often the work is powerful and it may not go with your couch!

And even I need comic relief. Sometimes I will paint something fun that has a humorous slant on human conditions or icons. Also I like painting contemporary portrayals of animals and birds----especially crows and ravens as they have been important in my family mythology for generations.

My style is contemporary and expressionistic. I usually paint with high quality acrylics as I like to work quickly. Sometimes I attach objects or other art materials to my work. I also like printing monotypes as they are free in style and basically another form of painting. I have also experimented with other mediums, including encaustics and installation art.

Sometimes I think that doing art has saved my life.

To view additional art work, visit the link below:


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