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My giclée prints are high quality reproductions of popular paintings. They are printed by a professional printer on quality art paper or canvas with the finest inks. They are offered in tightly controlled limited-editions.


Dreaming of Walking

Contact artist for availability, pricing and number in edition.

Giclée digital prints are reproductions made from original pieces of art. This print process is gradually replacing the more traditional form of offset printing for art prints. The quality of digital reproductions can vary, from low-end posters and greeting cards to high quality limited-edition copies printed on acid-free, archival art paper or canvas with special inks.

Chicken Little

Road Warrior

Snow Bird

The Hitchhiker

Yet Another Javalina


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Home on the Range

The Ten Crowmandments

Bull in a China Shop


Family Outcast


The Fourth Wise Man




A Canary in a Gold Mine

12” x 12”